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EdTech: Immersing learners in Virtual Reality


Virtual Reality (VR) is a wholly manufactured experience. Learners can use mobile devices, often worn (so as to respond to head movements), to see and interact with a visual depiction of a place, person or object.

The location of the learner is not material to the experience because it is divorced wholly from needing to be in a real place or time.

Virtual Reality allows students to become immersed in a synthetic world, where all the senses can be used to recreate as close to an authentic experience as possible.


This module will help you learn about the benefits and ways of using virtual reality with your learners.


After completing this module, you will be able to:

• describe and explain the capabilities of VR to create realistic visual learning experiences
• assess the potential for VR to enhance your own teaching practice.

Digital Teaching Professional Framework

This module covers the EdTech component - B1a : Using teaching and learning resources with learners

  • Visualise and explain new concepts in a motivating and engaging way using digital technologies e.g. by using animations or videos.
  • Use motivating and engaging activities (e.g. games and quizzes) in digital learning environments.
  • Put learners' active uses of digital technologies central to the teaching process.
  • Allow learners actively to engage with subject matter using digital technologies, e.g. using different senses, manipulating virtual objects, varying the problem set up to enquire into its structure, etc.
  • Promote active learning in a given learning context or for a specific learning objective using appropriate digital technologies.
  • Reflect on how suitable the different digital technologies used are in increasing learners' active learning, and to adapt strategies and choices accordingly.
More about the Digital Teaching Professional Framework

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8th March 2020
Peter KIlcoyne

Our Response: Appreciated!
5th December 2019
dawn goodman

May be good to help students overcome learning and see things in a different perspective.

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25th November 2019
stephen parker

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19th November 2019
Bethany Ridley


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30th September 2019
Gary Dring

Our Response: Cool!
29th September 2019
Pete Burnell

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17th September 2019
Rich Buckley

A useful summary of the how VR could be used in the classroom.

Our Response: Thank you we appreciate your comments and have noted them.
29th August 2019
Vikki Liogier

Thought the module presented clearly the TLA opportunities offered by VR and gave some good examples on the type of learning activities that could be delivered.

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7th August 2019
jamie chapman

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18th June 2019
Gaillies Codd

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6th June 2019
Anna Banks

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2nd June 2019
Gillian Auld

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3rd May 2019
Valeria Panyko

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23rd April 2019
Mark Johnson

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5th April 2019
Susanna Brandon

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29th March 2019
Stuart Philip

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27th March 2019
amanda gornall

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26th March 2019
Susan Lyall

This was an interesting module but I am not sure of the practicalities of using this technology within college.

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5th March 2019
Adrian Capstick

Our Response: Thank you.
2nd March 2019
Matthew Gordon

Very interesting and of course useful...but the hardware is rather beyond most budgets.

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