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Digital tools for Personal Learning and Development


Most professionals now use online media to find training resources to resolve Personal Learning and Development (PLD) needs.

This could be keeping up to date with the latest development in your subject, or to further your teaching skills development.

Professional and social media can be the first ports of call for finding high-quality training opportunities and materials.

It can be a fast and effective source of information, advice and guidance from colleagues who have faced the same issues.


This module will show you how to use online tools and resources for effective PLD


After completing this module you will be able to:

- understand what types of PLD opportunities can be found online
- search for training and development opportunities on social media
- identify relevant free or low cost online sources of training and development

Digital Teaching Professional Framework

This module covers the DTPF component - G2 : Progression and CPD: strategies to develop digital skills and pedagogy

  • Use online resources or social media to identify suitable training and professional development opportunities.
  • Use online resources or social media to update one's subject-specific competences.
  • Use online resources or social media to learn about new teaching methods and strategies.
  • Use online resources or social media to search for and identify digital resources which support professional development.
  • Use the exchange in digital professional communities as a source of professional development.
  • Use online training opportunities, e.g. video tutorials, MOOCs, webinars etc.
  • Use digital technologies and environments to provide training opportunities for colleagues and peers.
  • Use professional collaborative networks as a source for one's own professional development.
More about the Digital Teaching Professional Framework

Taking note of your feedback
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12th March 2019
James Spivey

Our Response: Cool!
3rd March 2019
Matthew Gordon

Fairly obvious stuff, but doesn't do any harm to be reminded on (for example) searching for PLD opps via ETF, JISC, TES etc.  Report this review

Our Response: A comment is always helpful, thanks.
30th March 2019
William Sibley

Our Response: Glad this module met your expectations!
26th March 2019
Penny Petch

Our Response: Cool!
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