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EdTech: Developing collaborative study skills


The module Developing digital problem-solving skills looked at the way one teacher develops each learner’s independent problem-solving skills through a simulation of practical difficulties arising with the digital technologies they are using.

This module extends that exercise to concentrate on collaborative working to resolve issues, an essential employment skill.

If you haven't completed the module Developing digital problem-solving skills you should take a look at it first.


This module shows you how to support learners’ development of collaborative study skills.


After completing this module, you will be able to:

• design tasks, activities and assignments that require collaborative working by learners to solve problems they encounter with digital technology
• demonstrate to learners the importance of collaborative working for future study and employment.

Digital Teaching Professional Framework

This module covers the EdTech component - C2 : Supporting study skills

  • Identify and solve technical problems when operating devices and using digital environments.
  • Adjust and customise digital environments to personal needs.
  • Identify, evaluate, select and use digital technologies and possible technological responses to solve a given task or problem.
  • Use digital technologies in innovative ways to create learning.
  • Understand where a learner's digital competence needs to be improved or updated.
  • Support others in their digital competence development.
  • Seek opportunities for selfdevelopment and to keep up-to-date with digital evolution.
More about the Digital Teaching Professional Framework

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27th March 2019
Nicola Cruise

Useful resources at the bottom of the page

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25th March 2019
James Spivey

A good scenario worked well at getting the point across

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3rd March 2019
Matthew Gordon

Very good example--and follows on from a previous module neatly.

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8th March 2020
Peter KIlcoyne

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31st January 2020
Kyle Rushmere

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20th November 2019
dawn goodman

good way for lecturers to get students involved in their learning.

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1st October 2019
Gary Dring

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18th September 2019
Rich Buckley

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18th September 2019
Garry Hobbs

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16th July 2019
Richard Cussell

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20th June 2019
Lincoln Bryden

The resources at the end of the module are helpful. It would be better if there was more detail on the individual activities that we were introduced to in the video

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17th June 2019
Maria Abbott

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11th June 2019
Lois Thorley

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2nd June 2019
Gillian Auld

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13th May 2019
Valeria Panyko

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Tony Shakespeare

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10th March 2019
Susanna Brandon

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