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Digital problem-solving skills


Digital technologies don't always work as they should - one of the few areas in the controlled environment of education institutions where something failing to do what you expect can be quite normal.

Learners need to move from relying on teachers and technical support staff for solutions to being able to deal with problems for themselves. Developing independence in practical problems is an important life skill and essential for employment.

This module looks at the different types of problems that can arise and the various ways in which learners can resolve them independently – and be encouraged to recognise when it really is best to down tools and seek help.


This module introduces the basics of supporting learners to solve problems using digital technologies.


After completing this module, you will be able to:

• categorise the problems that may arise during learners’ use of digital tools and media
• define the skillset required by learners to resolve them
• demonstrate to learners the importance of this skillset for future employment.

Digital Teaching Professional Framework

This module covers the DTPF component - C2 : Supporting study skills

  • Identify and solve technical problems when operating devices and using digital environments.
  • Adjust and customise digital environments to personal needs.
  • Identify, evaluate, select and use digital technologies and possible technological responses to solve a given task or problem.
  • Use digital technologies in innovative ways to create learning.
  • Understand where a learner's digital competence needs to be improved or updated.
  • Support others in their digital competence development.
  • Seek opportunities for selfdevelopment and to keep up-to-date with digital evolution.
More about the Digital Teaching Professional Framework

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