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Benefits of mobile-friendly learning


This module will look at what is meant by mobile learning. It will illustrate some of the teaching and learning opportunities that mobile phones, tablets, and small laptops can bring.

Ownership of smart devices amongst the under-50s in the UK is nearing 100%, with increasing use for a widening range of domestic, personal and social activities.

Their use for formal learning is nowhere near as common. We will look at some of the practical ways in which we can exploit the functionality of mobile devices.


Mobile friendly learning Pt 1


At the end of this module you will be able to:

• explain what is meant by the term mobile learning
• identify the range of functions that mobile devices offer
• describe how mobile devices can enhance learning

Digital Teaching Professional Framework

This module covers the DTPF component - B1a : Teaching and learning resources

  • Visualise and explain new concepts in a motivating and engaging way using digital technologies e.g. by using animations or videos.
  • Use motivating and engaging activities (e.g. games and quizzes) in digital learning environments.
  • Put learners' active uses of digital technologies central to the teaching process.
  • Allow learners actively to engage with subject matter using digital technologies, e.g. using different senses, manipulating virtual objects, varying the problem set up to enquire into its structure, etc.
  • Promote active learning in a given learning context or for a specific learning objective using appropriate digital technologies.
  • Reflect on how suitable the different digital technologies used are in increasing learners' active learning, and to adapt strategies and choices accordingly.
More about the Digital Teaching Professional Framework

Taking note of your feedback
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30th September 2019
Gary Dring

Our Response: Cool!
18th September 2019
Rich Buckley

I think the positive promotion of mobile phones as a learning resource in the classroom is vital. They aren't going away anytime soon and if we can turn them into a force for good in learning, it makes management of them a little easier!  Report this review

Our Response: Thank you for your helpful comments which will inform our ongoing development.
27th August 2019
Amy Norton

Our Response: Thank you. We have noted your feedback.
24th June 2019
Gaillies Codd

Very poor  Report this review

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18th June 2019
Tracey Weller

I have used photographs with SEN students to record learning and trips. I have not thought of trying videos or the tablet and GPS. I need to put some thought in as to how I could use more technology with English students, maybe for following instructions.  Report this review

Our Response: Adding a comment to your rating makes a real difference! Thanks.
17th June 2019
Maria Abbott

Our Response: Glad this module met your expectations!
13th June 2019
Helen Waters

Our Response: Thank you for the encouraging feedback!
10th June 2019
Lois Thorley

Our Response: Glad this module met your expectations!
2nd June 2019
Gillian Auld

Our Response: Glad this module met your expectations!
24th May 2019
Charlotte Brown

Good introduction to enhancing the use of digital learning to enhance delivery  Report this review

Our Response: A comment is always helpful, thanks.
27th April 2019
stacey Wood

Our Response: Cool!
23rd April 2019
Nedas Laurinavicius

Our Response: Great thanks!
23rd April 2019
Mark Johnson

Our Response: Thank you for the encouraging feedback!
11th April 2019
Tammy Marley

Clear and straight to the point  Report this review

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4th April 2019
Małgorzata Kwiatkowska

Our Response: Glad this module met your expectations!
29th March 2019
Stuart Philip

A simple set of learning. Although some examples are a little convoluted however, this might be as a consequence of the timeframe in which to explain it.  Report this review

Our Response: A comment is always helpful, thanks.
12th March 2019
James Spivey

Our Response: Thank you.
7th March 2019
heather field

Our Response: Thank you, your feedback is important.
2nd March 2019
Matthew Gordon

Multiple applications, and the video shows a good example.  Report this review

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