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EdTech: Developing digital problem-solving skills


Developing independence in solving practical problems is an important life skill and essential for employment.

This module looks at how we can go beyond reliance on chance and build some of these events into the assignments, tasks and experiences we create, making a controlled space for confronting and coping with such problems, as individual learners or as groups.


To improve learners' digital problem solving


After completing this module you will:

- be able to adopt a range of teaching approaches to help learners develop skills in solving problems with the digital tools and media they encounter
- design learning activities that encourage the development of these skills and their application to other contexts or situations

Digital Teaching Professional Framework

This module covers the EdTech component - C2 : Supporting study skills

  • Identify and solve technical problems when operating devices and using digital environments.
  • Adjust and customise digital environments to personal needs.
  • Identify, evaluate, select and use digital technologies and possible technological responses to solve a given task or problem.
  • Use digital technologies in innovative ways to create learning.
  • Understand where a learner's digital competence needs to be improved or updated.
  • Support others in their digital competence development.
  • Seek opportunities for selfdevelopment and to keep up-to-date with digital evolution.
More about the Digital Teaching Professional Framework

Taking note of your feedback
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8th March 2020
Peter KIlcoyne

Our Response: Thanks for taking the time to review your experience.
31st January 2020
Kyle Rushmere

Our Response: Great thanks!
20th November 2019
dawn goodman

Can be helpful for learners but may take time to get them used to the software programmes.

Our Response: Thanks for taking the time to review your experience, this will inform your peers and help us understand how to improve!
25th October 2019
Rosalind Jay

Our Response: Thank you.
1st October 2019
Gary Dring

Our Response: Appreciated!
18th September 2019
Rich Buckley

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23rd August 2019
Andrew Doughty

The ipsative, 'forced choice' approach, where learners have no choice but to continue working 'unplugged' throughout parts of their assignment is both imaginative and at the same time models the 'real world' where work cannot stop when the internet goes down.

Our Response: A comment is always helpful, thanks.
10th July 2019
Karen Clooney

Our Response: Thank you.
1st July 2019
Ruth Soyoye

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20th June 2019
Lincoln Bryden

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17th June 2019
Maria Abbott

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28th May 2019
Valeria Panyko

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20th May 2019
Stephanie Thomas

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15th May 2019
Julie Wilson

This was interesting but frustrating - I didn't answer correctly, but felt confident in my answer choices. Oh well

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9th March 2019
Susanna Brandon

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27th February 2019
Garry Hobbs

Our Response: Cool!
26th February 2019
Matthew Gordon

Gives some useful pointers to a range of tools--and good links too.

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26th February 2019
heather field

Our Response: Great thanks!
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