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Recording teaching sessions


A recorded teaching session can provide real opportunities for improving your teaching practice, especially if you share it with colleagues in a quality circle or improvement group where you all watch each others recordings to review and reflect upon them.

This module looks at some of the practical considerations you need to address for a successful outcome.

This module will help you to reflect on and share your teaching sessions by recording them.


Record and review your teaching sessions


After completing this module you will
- select appropriate digital tools to record teaching sessions for review and reflection
- identify opportunities and platforms for sharing recorded sessions between colleagues in order to improve professional practice

Digital Teaching Professional Framework

This module covers the DTPF component - A2 : Designing and adapting activities

  • Adapt and edit existing digital resources, where permitted.
  • Combine and mix existing digital resources or parts of them, where permitted.
  • Create new digital educational resources.
  • Jointly create with others digital educational resources.
  • Consider the specific learning objective, context, teaching approach, and learner group, when adapting or creating digital learning resources.
More about the Digital Teaching Professional Framework

Taking note of your feedback
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11th April 2019
Becki Lee

Our Response: Appreciated!
8th April 2019
Lesley Beckwith

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8th April 2019
Tony Shakespeare

Our Response: Cool!
5th April 2019
Susanna Brandon

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25th March 2019
Darren Kirwin

Great module, I especially liked the idea of a quality circle to get other staff members involved  Report this review

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11th March 2019
James Spivey

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26th February 2019
Matthew Gordon

Was a bit sceptical about the online/video call at first, but could actually be a powerful tool for quality circles/'teaching triangles' and the like.  Report this review

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26th February 2019
heather field

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