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Digital well-being for all (Part 2)


Our online identities are the keys that unlock personal, social and commercial accounts and transactions.

They create portraits of ourselves that others can access and by which they will judge us - as friends, colleagues, and potential employees.

We explored the importance of a digital footprint and its impact on learners in the modules Digital well-being for all (Part 1) and How to tread a positive digital footprint.

In this module, we will look at the strategies that learners can use to guard, manage and control their exposure to risk online.


This module will help you to formulate strategies to support learners’ digital well-being.


After completing this module, you will be able to:

• build strategies for the safeguarding of learners’ digital reputations into your teaching and assessment practice
• agree ground rules with learners to support a positive image and identity online.

Digital Teaching Professional Framework

This module covers the DTPF component - G3 : Well-being: practitioner and learner

  • Avoid health risks and threats to physical and psychological well-being while using digital technologies.
  • Protect from possible dangers in digital environments (e.g. cyberbullying).
  • Be aware of digital technologies for social well-being and social inclusion.
  • Be aware of the environmental impact of digital technologies and their use.
  • Monitor learner behaviour in digital environments in order to safeguard their well-being.
  • React immediately and effectively when learners' well-being is threatened in digital environments (e.g. cyberbullying).
More about the Digital Teaching Professional Framework

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11th February 2019
Susanna Brandon

Very quick & easy to complete, good reinforcement of potential pitfalls.  Report this review

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8th February 2019
Matthew Gordon

The videos for both these modules can be good for classroom use.  Report this review

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3rd March 2019
Jo Byrne

Part 1 and part 2 have really made me think  Report this review

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10th February 2019
Jon Kerrigan

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15th May 2019
Meshack Biwott

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2nd May 2019
Valeria Panyko

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27th April 2019
stacey Wood

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9th April 2019
Alexandra Brown

I really enjoyed this module and it got me to consider ways i can promote e-safety and your digital footprint to my learners  Report this review

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8th April 2019
Tony Shakespeare

Our Response: Great thanks!
25th March 2019
Andrew Csizmadia

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18th March 2019
Matthew Staples

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26th February 2019
Candice Thompson

Our Response: Cool!
20th February 2019
Sandy Hunter

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