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Post by Mary Moss

39 Wks ago (edited 39 Wks ago)
EDS course for ESOL learners

This fantastic interactive powerpoint is a complete resource for a EDS course designed for ESOL learners.  It is a highly visual and very attractive set of slides that take learners through the vocabulary and knowledge needed to approach the EDS course. https://www.dropbox.com/s/4wreogexqxeuymo/FINAL-EDS_Pre-E3_PB-LL_V3%20%281%29.ppsx?dl=0 ;

@Petra Belikova and @Laurie Lawrence, ESOL tutors at Islington ACL developed and trialled this with ESOL learners at E3 and L1.  They would love to get feedback on the resource - post your response here!

Staff from Islington ACL described their experience of developing this course and their research with ESOL learners in our Case Studies webinar, 'Integrating EDS across the curriculum' - book to watch the recording https://enhance.etfoundation.co.uk/eds/event/157/integrating-eds-across-the-curriculum-recording ;


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    My name is Nusrat and I am one of the EDS Champions who is leading the EDS Reflective Exploration for the Workers Education Association (WEA). Together with my practitioners, I will be drawing upon...
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    Using Zoom as a Teaching Tool with ESOL Learners This week I delivered a Taking EDS Further workshop to demonstrate how the WEA uses Zoom as a collaborative platform for teaching and learning with...
  • Post by Steven Cuthbert
    2.5 Yrs ago
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    Useful websites for ESOL A collection of useful web-based resources for ESOL.

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  • Post by Stephanie Gilford
    26.5d ago
    EDS confidence checklist
    And a checklist to help learners and teacher track their own confidence and progress through the EDSQ content. 
  • Post by Stephanie Gilford
    26.5d ago
    EDSQ content with embedded English activities for L1 and L2
    Hi all,  Hope this is useful for some! Unit 1: https://www.skillsworkshop.org/resources/eds_unit_1_using_devices_handling_information_with_embedded_english_tasks Unit 2:...
  • Post by Stephanie Gilford
    14 Wks ago
    What is malware? Edupuzzle video quiz
    Huge thanks for everyone sharing here - it's given me so much help while embedding EDSQ into English FS, AND Ascentis courses at the same time! Wanted to give something back. I've started...
  • Post by Anke Jacobs
    21 Wks ago
    A fun way of learning vocabulary
    As you might know, I'm a fan of Wordwall and I've shown you a couple of resources I made some months ago. It's so easy to use, and generates a number of associated activities automatically to...
  • Post by James Kieft
    22 Wks ago
    A reading tool - Chrome extension
    In the week's video, I look at Speechify an extension for Google Chrome, it is a tool that will read web pages out loud, is easy to set up and offer lots of voice and language options I could see...

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