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Digital Teaching Professional Framework

About the Digital Teaching Professional Framework (DTPF)

The Digital Teaching Professional Framework (DTPF) is our national EdTech competency framework which underpins our fully subsidised EdTech training offer. It was launched by the ETF in November 2018 to provide a set of professional standards for technology-enhanced learning and aims to establish a common understanding of digital skills development.

There are seven elements to the DTPF with progression over three levels: Exploring, Adopting and Leading.

Below is an interactive diagram of the DTPF. Please click on the competencies or stages to view the bite-size training modules that can support you in developing your pedagogy using technology.

The ETF's EdTech support offer is evolving so all the competencies on the DTPF are not yet fully mapped to Enhance DTP training modules but more modules are being developed and will be added over time.

You can find full details of the DTPF on the ETF website:

The DTPF was built in collaboration with Jisc - a not-for-profit organisation which provides digital solutions for UK education and research. It is mapped to the Jisc Digital Capabilities framework and ETF’s Professional Standards and draws on the EU Framework for the Digital Competence of Educators.

Identifying your training needs

The Digital Teaching Professional Framework provides a reference point for self-reflection and a basis for considering potential training needs. In addition, you could use the Jisc discovery tool which provides a first step to reflect on your digital capabilities and identify current strengths and areas for improvement.