Welcome to the Enhance Digital Teaching Platform. You can explore the key features of Enhance by watching our short Introductory Video

About our Modules

Bite-size training modules

Our training modules are designed to improve your use of technology in teaching and assessment so you can improve your learners' experiences and learner outcomes.

Each module is about five to six minutes in length and includes:

  • an introduction
  • a video or animation
  • a learning activity
  • a reflection space
  • a summary
  • further resources

Modules are grouped into categories and mapped to the seven elements of the Digital Teaching Professional Framework

Education Training Foundation 7 Elements

Modules are based on three stages of personal development:

  • Stage 1: Exploring - practitioners assimilate new information and develop basic digital practices.
  • Stage 2: Adopting - practitioners apply their digital practices and expand them further.
  • Stage 3: Leading - practitioners pass on their knowledge, critique existing practice and develop new practices.

You will be able to recognise which stage each each module is mapped onto by the colour bar below the icon, as well as its module frame colour.

Once you complete a module, other ones will be suggested that might be appropriate to do next.

You can rate each module once you have completed it and see the ratings of others.

You can see more about how the training modules work and how to get the best from them in our walkthrough video below: