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About Essential Digital Skills Badges

About Essential Digital Skills Badges

Digital badges are awarded for the Essential Digital Skills CPD programme to recognise progress in your professional development in each area of the Essential Digital Skills framework. These are portable, online badges issued by the Education and Training Foundation (ETF) which can be used on your professional profiles and your social media.

You can gain EDS digital badges by completing all the EDS online training modules in each of the five skills areas.

If you are confident in a module topic, you can skip straight to the assessment quiz. You will need to get 100% in the assessment quiz to pass the module. You will need to pass all the module assessment quizzes in a skills area to gain the category badge.

To see what modules are involved in each skills area, visit our interactive Essential Digital Skills CPD framework.

Once you have gained all five skills badges and completed the two overarching synoptic modules, you will be awarded a course badge.

The overall course badge will be time-limited to 12 months to reflect the fact that technology moves on quickly and there will be updates to the training content over the period of 12 months. A review test will be developed and added to the platform to enable you to check the development of your skills and confidence in order