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Information related to retention of user records on the Enhance platform can be found below.

For the purposes of this document, 'active' is defined as logging into the user account within a 3-year consecutive period and 'inactive' is defined as a 3-year consecutive period without logging in to a user account.

All user accounts are retained for as long as deemed 'active'. User account's will be made 'Inactive' after the defined period of 3 years. 28 days in advance of the 3-year period of inactivity, an e-mail will be sent to registered e-mail of that account informing the user of the intent to delete the account. The user has 28 days to login into the account to stop the deletion process occurring.

If the user does not login to the account in this designated 28-day period, then the account will be deleted. A user must login to the account in order to stop the deletion from occurring. If a user logs into the account during this time, then the 3-year consecutive period will renew and be upheld until the next time the user logs into the account.

On deletion, all account information will be deleted including, all personal information, course completions and certificates, all module and resource information accessed. We will not be able to verify any completion of courses or certificates gained once the user account has been deleted.

You can request that your account be deleted at any time by sending your request to