Accessibility Guide

Fionna Mortimer
8th March 2021

The resource was aimed at assisting staff to understand how to apply the accessibility tools in Windows 10 so they could set up their learners’ individual profiles to maximise the individual learning and support the learners who engage in fast track courses. In addition many learners have been out of education and not had use of IT for a considerable time therefore they can use these tools as they re-engage in the community when released.

Targeted Audience

Departmental Lecturers and support staff – also sent to colleagues of the same business unit.

Resource effectiveness in solving the identified problem

The resource was a useful item as it focused the tutors to use induction to identify any areas of accessibility which could be improved for the learners before they commence their course. It was introduced as part of the team review meeting and became a reference document. All the information is available online but the staff did not have to search for it. They were printed as part of their induction packs and could be issued to learners on request.

Use, impact and benefits seen from learners

The learners have made use of the Windows tools where they prefer to talk into the computer on the plumbing and electrical courses which has speeded up production of their assessments. The reading tool in Edge has been seen to be used by learners when they are engaging in research for their flipped classroom tasks.

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