Dealing with Difference and Diversity (Adopting)

Fionna Mortimer
25th February 2021

Our training centre offers courses to the local category D prison and as such there is a wide variety of cultures and religions and we have always had good comments from Ofsted on our diversity and how we adapt however I felt that we needed to review and reflect. We are due an Ofsted inspection and I wanted the team to understand what they are already doing well and areas where they can improve. The resource was to initiate a discussion and action plan which we would follow.

Targeted Audience

This was a presentation which formed part of a staff development day for the department team. The team offer fast track building services and IT courses to adults predominantly from the adjacent category D prison as well as some local adults looking to re-train.

Resource effectiveness in solving the identified problem

The session was well received and I believe that by creating the action plan as a team means that they all take ownership of the plan rather than me setting out a list of items for them to do. I feel that what we do currently is good but not good enough and wanted their input on what could be improved. I had read an article by Edward Hall and felt that we needed to better understand how culture could impact on the way we learn. As we have a rolling programme it is a different induction than an annualised course at the main college, so we don’t have the variety of activities where the learners get to know each other as they live together at the prison. However the induction is invaluable to the staff to be able to better respect and protect learners’ beliefs, values and the way they choose to present themselves. I also wanted to indicate the importance that the college has on E&D - a lot of comments in the policy document are very pertinent so rather than asking the staff to read it I wanted to discuss it in more detail.

Use, impact and benefits seen from learners

I shared the resource with the other Heads of Curriculum in our department however they have not had the opportunity to use it yet due to lockdown and restrictions which are in place which have limited the staff development.

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