MIE Trainer Academy

Fionna Mortimer
25th February 2021

The link is for the MIE Trainer Academy which was set as part of the CPD for all teaching staff for 20-21 as a direct response to the need to be digitally able to support remote learning following the Covid Lockdown. I wanted to ensure that the staff had the basic skills needed and to be able to use the basic Microsoft apps to a good standard. This suite of qualifications was ideal as a starting point for their development in this area. I needed the staff to embrace the digital skills and tools to enable their learners not to be limited by barriers within the classroom and to be empowered to increase accessibility in our multi-cultural department which offers learning to a wide spectrum of individuals.

Targeted Audience

Departmental Lecturers and support staff.

Resource effectiveness in solving the identified problem

The resource was an amazing source of CPD for the staff and really stimulated their interest in the subject. The staff had to be able to adjust the teaching environment to better create a more inclusive environment as we offer courses to current serving offenders and community learners who have not engaged successfully with education in the past. Therefore, there was a knowledge gap which created barriers for the learners which could be broken down with better understanding of the teachers on what is available to support the learner needs. They learned about applications they had not used before and tools which they did not know existed. They were enthusiastic about the training and embraced the learning plan. I would recommend this for other trainers, lecturers and education staff as it is very appropriate as a starting point to lead to other CPD.

Use, impact and benefits seen from learners

In a roundabout way the resource has been used with learner as the skills learned during the learning path were immediately put into use in the classroom and have become even more important in the second lockdown of 2021. The impact has been to make the staff understand that wide variety of options available and to make sure that each learner has their education individualised which maximises the outcome for each learner as they are not limited by any accessibility barriers. I believe that the staff development will gain momentum and I will see new initiatives being introduced and shared between them in the coming year. I also hope to see higher grades across all the courses where learners have not limited themselves to a pass only.

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