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Yasmin Parvez
4th June 2020

Before starting the professional development journey, I was not confident in producing learning content that was accessible, I was not aware of the tools that were available in mobile phones and computers. I didn't even know how to check existing learning content to see if it was accessible.

Targeted Audience

For teaching staff and also for my own personal development.

Resource effectiveness in solving the identified problem

I created a resource for myself and my teaching colleagues. A quick resource guide with hyperlinks on how to create accessible content using different mediums, e.g. document, presentation, moodle, etc. Learners can use their own devices when learning and so I added resource links to using accessibility features within common software, computers and mobile phones. Finally, I added resource links to checking accessibility of resources.

Use, impact and benefits seen from learners

I used the resource with my learners. I checked the Moodle website to ensure it worked on mobile phone using Nibbler website. My learners used their mobile phones to watch videos on ECDL for revision, this was successful especially where learners did not have a computer. I used the accessibility features with my learners in their 1 to 1 teaching sessions when they were required to learn from home during the COVID-19 pandemic. For example, one learner changed her iPad computer settings to apply a colour filter which made reading information easier. Some learners found text a barrier and were able to use text to speech feature to help read ECDL activity tasks. Learners found using Siri helpful in replying to e-mails on learning feedback / evaluation. Even where learners did not have a learning barrier, they found the accessibility features beneficial as it made tasks easier and this could be also to do with they learning preference style (visual, auditory, reading, kinesthetic). The learners found they were able to continue to use the accessibility tools outside the learning environment and helped them with their personal and work life.

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