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Valeria Panyko
4th June 2020

My resource will be an updated version on the current Leaning Journal we're using with my students. This booklet has 3 headings currently: 1:Topic, 2:Top-tip (How will I remember this?) and 3: An example Students are actively encouraged to use this and add the key points of their learning from each of the sessions, this is how they're developing a personalised learning diary, focusing on the gaps in their knowledge only. I will extend it with two columns with the following headings: 'How do I say it in my first language?' and 'I shared this with...' and students can write their peer's name here they discussed this new piece of information/knowledge with. If we had access to laptops/ipads then, I would make this Learning Journal available on a Padlet, and would add another column with the heading 'Useful website', where students can find information about the discussed topic on the internet and record their ULR here for further reference.

Targeted Audience

Due to the characteristics of my college many of our learners were raised outside UK, and even in UK schools the teachers are multicultural, therefore their way of tacking a mathematical problem can be very different. One of the biggest issue in my classes at the beginning of the year, that students are not independent thinkers, they want to see a method and they want to remember it, so they can 'copy' it when a similar question appears. That is why they find maths so difficult, because there is so much they want to remember, very often to 'relearn'. I want to encourage them to use their own ways, their own words, share what they know with others and learn from each other, being proud of what they can do.

Resource effectiveness in solving the identified problem

My students are lacking of confidence, and this seems to be the greatest barriers to their learning. Although this Learning Journal has already have a significant impact on some student's learning, many of my learners are struggling with low self-esteem. Being able to open up and share their notes and their thoughts with a peer (who they're confident in sharing their notes with), definitely helps them to increase their confidence.

Use, impact and benefits seen from learners

Unfortunately, due to the lockdown we're not able to try this updated version of the Learning Journal with my learners, but I can see how it would help some learners to open up. the 4th column will not be suitable for everyone (as they speak English as their first language) but perhaps they can draw a diagram or an alternative method. The last column will help deepen my students' understanding of the topic and being more confident when tacking similar questions. Also, it will put a fun element into the lesson (although getting used to it could be a bit tricky).

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