Resource Accessibility Evaluation and Adaptation

Lynne Taylerson
Twitter Profile: @realtimeedu 11th May 2020

We wish educators to be proactive in making learning flexible by creating resources and activities which can be viewed and participated in online and in blended formats. Educators who are new to creating digital resources and facilitating online learning, and practitioners who are new to teaching and are undergoing training, may need additional support to ensure that they are considering accessibility issues and using all of the tools now available when engaging with online learning or using digital assets. In addition, not all organisations have a sufficient awareness of the DTPF and the Enhance platform, so all opportunities to promote the support that they can provide should be leveraged during ITE and as part of ongoing CPD offers. This blended activity models a flipped classroom strategy. It allows learners to experience and review some of the resources available on the ETF’s Enhance platform and then evaluate some of their own digital learning resources and activities with respect to accessibility. The main analysis activity can be completed in around 2 hours but extension activities are suggested which would allow further use of a flipped classroom strategy in future digital creation and evaluation sessions.

Targeted Audience

This flipped classroom resource analysis and adaptation activity is suitable for use with any initial teacher education cohort (such as a CET or DET groups) but equally can be used by Advanced Practitioners in a series of stand-alone CPD events for more experienced educators, managers or governors who are beginning to explore wider use of digital resources. When used with Level 3 teacher trainees and in stand-alone cross-organisation CPD events, the resource could be used in the form presented here. For use with level 4 and 5 programmes, a facilitator could make links to further digital learning and instructional design theory e.g. the SAMR model, as appropriate for the curriculum being studied.

Resource effectiveness in solving the identified problem

The creation of this resource involved me adapting an existing ITE resource which I have used for several years in F2F initial teacher education sessions. Use of this updated resource allows me to introduce learners to the Enhance platform and the underpinning principles of digital accessibility while modelling a flipped classroom strategy. Learners who engage with the initial activity will be introduced to a new CPD resource and skills framework in Enhance and the DTPF, allowing them to analyse and evaluate some of their existing learning resources against recognised accessibility principles. All learners will also able to evaluate the use of a flipped classroom and its suitability for use within their own pedagogy.

Use, impact and benefits seen from learners

I have currently only used the first of the 2 new activities with 1 group of learners but I was pleased that learners reported that it had been successful in raising their awareness of the accessibility issues with more conventional digital resources. Learners also reported that they had a much better knowledge of the range of tools that are available to them to improve digital accessibility. The majority of the learners had not been familiar with the DTPF or the Enhance platform so I was pleased to have been able to introduce them to these assets as this has much wider potential benefits for their ongoing CPD beyond digital accessibility.

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