Influencing accessibility policy as a consultant/associate

Lynne Taylerson
Twitter Profile: @realtimeedu 27th April 2020

This reflection was contributed as a submission for a 2 Star Badge in Accessibility (Leading)

Give a brief description of your work context and responsibilities, e.g. your teaching background, experience, type of organisation (e.g. FE college, ACL), subject/curriculum you teach/lead, your learners (skills level, any particular inclusion needs, age range of group, size of group)

As director of an Independent Training Provider I have a variety of roles working as a consultant or associate with diverse FE, HE and WBL organisations and providers. My main role is in Initial Teacher Training and ongoing CPD for FE, HE and in work-based scenarios. I facilitate accredited teacher training programmes and also 1-day and short course unaccredited ongoing practitioner CPD across... more

How did you use the learning from this/these module(s) (briefly describe the learning context, with a focus on Accessibility)

The most powerful way in which I have used the learning is to reflect significantly on my approach to the organisations that I work with as a consultant and an associate. The modules’ ideas on the lack of coherence between technology and accessibility policies and the need to ensure senior management buy-in at a policy and action plan level has made me rethink how I might approach and... more

How did you adapt/modify activities and/or resources for your context providing alternative approaches with specific reference to Accessibility practices?

What I have immediately done is to create a resource for use with initial teacher training learners on AET and DET courses which summarises the new Accessibility legislation . This resource includes a self-assessment that they can undertake using these six Jisc prompts to reflectively evaluate their current practice and that of their team and organisation with regard to digital accessibility.

Provide any examples of any new approaches tested out.

The resource outlined in (5) will allow learners to consider the VLEs, websites and other digital resources and learning activities that they are currently using and how they might adapt practice to make more use of apps, software tools and collaborative, supportive group activities with their own learners and will be tested with the next cohort of learners.

What worked well, or did not work so well? How would you approach the activity/use the resource differently next time?

What I now need to do with my new, currently text-based resource is to consider how I can use it as an accessibility exemplar, presenting it in different forms to demonstrate to learners and importantly to managers how the resource might be adapted adhere to sound accessibility principles. This will involve recreating the resource in a graphic organiser format, as a podcast and as a narrated... more

How did the learning from the module(s) impact on the quality of the learning experience?

The learning from this module has made me reflect deeply on how we can get ‘stuck in a rut’ with provision of learning resources and design of learning strategies. Though actual content may be current and informed we need to always be reflecting on how information is presented and how we are getting learners to work with it and each other while learning. Asking ourselves and our... more

How have you initiated strategic change/quality improvement in relation to Accessibility, eg at a peer, department, organisational, regional, national level)?

I have already asked to be given the opportunity to present to senior leaders at 2 of the organisations with which I hold associate curriculum designer / lecturer roles. In both of these sessions I outlined how we can be using screen casting, captioning, videos and podcasts and creative collaborative work far more widely, not only to make learning more engaging but also more accessible.
... more

What will be your next step in bringing about further change?

My next step will be to fully embrace the fact that I now have UK legislation on my side when making the argument about accessibility. In the past I have been ‘banging the drum’ for accessibility and have received thanks and ‘warm words’. Now there is tangible legislation with a deadline of September 2020 that I can call upon in dialogues with senior leaders at the... more

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