Jamboard to allow all learners to be fully included in classroom delivery

Sophie Allen
9th December 2021

A Jamboard, exploring health and safety in the learning environment. Having attended a webinar initially introducing us to the projects, I was made aware of Jamboard as this was the tool used to deliver the opening session. I found this tool to be engaging and interactive and enjoyable to use. It allowed participants to be involved using the sticky note feature, providing the opportunity for full inclusivity as well as sharing of information to support both visual and verbal learning styles. After the webinar, I delivered a session to my group of apprentices, one of which has additional learning needs and does not like to be put on the spot to speak in front of the grou, which was challenging as I was not able to determine level of understanding in the session, or fully include the learner in all aspects of the delivery. This I felt created a barrier to learning and I needed to explore how to overcome this. To ensure I captured their learner voice and promoted inclusive practice to allow them to contribute, I reflected on Jamboard and how this was used in the webinar. I felt this would be a good tool to use, to encourage the individual to be involved in the session, without causing distress or worry. While I would not be able to necessarily determine the responses the learner would give, I felt this would be a good starting point to get them more involved. I got to work creating a Jamboard for the next session which would focus on health and safety in the learning environment. This is a dry subject area normally anyway, so I felt jamboard would help in making the session more enjoyable and interactive and would also support in breaking down some barriers to learning. By attending the webinar, it introduced me to another digital tool, used to support and enhance the learning experience. Once used, I will reflect on the effectiveness of this tool and provide a PDF to support this.

Targeted Audience

I created a JamBoard to allow all learners in my Level 3 Teaching Assistant classroom delivery cohort to engage effectively, to interact in the session providing contributions without feeling put on the spot, overwhelmed and anxious. The particular learner does not like to speak in front of others, or be put on the spot and generally, through use of the sticky note feature, this supported not only this learner, but all to come up with positive responses throughout the session

Resource effectiveness in solving the identified problem

While I cannot be certain, as learner input was anonymous, I hope it would have reduced some barriers to learning and promoted inclusivity. I know at least it would have alleviated anxiety about being included in the learning activity and hopefully would have meant the learner felt valued and respected. I need to explore further how to ensure that the learner feels fully included and involved

Use, impact and benefits seen from learners

I created this to ensure that all learners would feel they were able to interact with the content, without feeling concerned or worried about being put on the spot. I personally do not like the 'pause, point, pounce' approach as I am aware not everyone feels confident in speaking in front of groups of people. While sometimes this is a necessity to check knowledge retention, I am always keen to use tools/techniques to overcome this. Jamboard achieved that objective overall. I would be keen to explore further how a particular learner who I initially had this in mind for, responded to this. I cannot guarantee they engaged 100% with this, but I feel and hope they did make valuable contributions. I have contacted the Trainer Assessor for this particular learner to ask whether they can get some feedback from the learner for me as I am keen to establish the suitability and effectivness of the tool for this learner. Unforntunately, the learner does not feel confident speaking to me on a 1:1 basis as she does not know me yet so I am working hard to build a rapport as best I can, and communicates a little better with her Trainer Assessor. I am hoping through support from us both, we can determine whether the learner feels digital tools such as the Jamboard used will support her. If so, I know going forwards the ways of working to support this learner. If not, I need to reflect further and seek guidance from the learner to break down any barriers to their learner experience. I have attached the email seeking feedback to support me in this proces

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