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Chloë Hynes
Twitter Profile: @PDNorth_FE 24th August 2021

I start from scratch every time I make a new PPT presentation. Therefore, each time I make a new deck I am repeating myself and trying to remember multiple considerations each time. For convenience, I made a master template for all my sessions. Colleagues commented on the presentations I was making, so I made a ThingLink (the resource I’m sharing here) demonstrating my TopTips for PPT presentations using screenshots of the master template to illustrate.

Targeted Audience

Practitioners working in any role in the sector who use Presentation software (in particular PowerPoint (PPT)) for presenting. Please note: This resource uses a platform ('ThingLink') that may pose issues for those who use screen readers or keyboard navigation. Whilst the platform does have many accessible elements e.g. immersive reader, it is not fully accessible for all.

Resource effectiveness in solving the identified problem

Rather than me explaining the changes to our slides, it provided an interactive alternative that the team could access in their own time and for reference. I was also able to share it wider with practitioners who commented on my slides and wanted some guidance on how to improve their own.

Use, impact and benefits seen from learners

I have used the resource in two digital mentoring sessions and it has been met with great feedback and appreciation. Both mentees have also gone on to share with their own networks and one has used in her own training sessions. Whilst I hope it will give practitioners a few tips on how to produce more inclusive, accessible and engaging presentations, I hope it will be an organic digital asset I continue to add to as I continue to develop my own understanding of making presentations (PPT in particular) accessible. There are limitations with both PPT and Thinglink (as is true for most digital platforms) and folks may have more ideas to add/share from their own personal experience. So, I’m looking forward to sharing it with others and watching it grow.

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