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Evelyn Djan
9th April 2021

Our organisation's ILP/learner booklet was not working online and learners were struggling to complete their reflection on learning. Tutors uploaded Word document of ILP onto Google classroom and learners were taught to complete and send or share with tutor. Tutors did not receive many back and learners complained about completing it in both Google Docs and Word and submitting it. I used the questions in the the ILP to create Google Form Master copies. Tutors were then given training on how to make copies for their own classrooms for each session. As Google Form did not require downloading and attaching document after completion, learners found it easier to complete. The first sessions where Google Forms were used instead of Word/Docs, tutors got all learner reflections back.

Targeted Audience

The target audience for this resource is learners and tutors to be able to complete ILP/Learner booklet for RARPA courses. I used this for my learners who are 16+ in adult community learning to gather information about what they learn during my sessions and how they apply the learning. I also use it to measure achievement of set objectives.

Resource effectiveness in solving the identified problem

It solved the problem well by making it easy for learners to submit their reflections and tutors to check on learner progress. When I used Word document, I was getting about 2 reflections out of 12 back each session. After using Goggle Forms for learner reflection got 100% of learner reflections back and learners said it was easier for them to complete and were happy to do it. I was able to capture learners reflection instantly and analyse which areas they needed extra support.

Use, impact and benefits seen from learners

Resource has been used with learners and has seen an increase in completion of learner reflections. I used the Google Forms I created with my learners to complete their reflection after each session. I also shared the Forms with colleagues and delivered training on how to make copies so tutors can make copies of the same Form and use it with their own learners. Other tutors also found it easier to set up Forms as assignment and they received majority of their learners' reflection back. A successful impact will be the ability of all learners to complete their reflection using Google Forms regardless of their level of IT skills. My colleagues and I have received majority of the Forms back. We expect to see 100% return of all learner reflection.

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