Adapting and creating interactive video resources

Alex Powney
25th March 2021

This is a guide to creating an interactive resource. The resource created is a smartphone simulator, this was inspired by the simulator created by Novus. This video shows how I created a smartphone simulator for buying a bus ticket using PowerPoint. I also show how you can embed a video resource to increase interactivity of resources in the class. This is aimed at those working in the secure estate, who have no access to the internet or digital resources in the classroom. It could be used by anyone who wants to demonstrate how to use smartphones without having a smartphone and also how you can direct learners to help them in getting familiar with using smartphones.

Targeted Audience

Those teaching in the secure estate.

Resource effectiveness in solving the identified problem

The resource was able to provide the learners with a good simulation of how they could use a smartphone and how they could carry out an internet search, which was not available to them previously. The adaptation I used in class enabled, them to carry out a search for a job, to help them in preparing to find work when they are released.

Use, impact and benefits seen from learners

I have used a resource based on this with my learners. The learners were engaged with it, I was able to use it with entry learners to look at navigating around the smartphone and searching using a simulated internet search. I was also able to use it with level 1 learners to show how PowerPoint can be used in different ways. I found using it on the Smartphone was a good way to simulate a smartphone as learners needed to use the onscreen keyboard, which was a better match to what they would use on a smartphone. Some learners were even convinced that the resource had internet access!

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