Flipped and Blended Learning for Success

Eleanor Price
19th March 2021

This reflection was contributed as a submission for a 2 Star Badge in The Digital Teacher (Leading)

Give a brief description of your work context and responsibilities, e.g. your teaching background, experience, type of organisation (e.g. FE college, ACL), subject/curriculum you teach/lead, your learners (skills level, any particular inclusion needs, age range of group, size of group)

I am a Success Coach at an Outstanding FE college. I work in the Engineering department and my role is as a tutor for learners. I do not teach them course content, but teach and support around: wellbeing, progression, industry knowledge, employability skills, study skills, personal skills and qualities, work experience, extra curricular involvement, attendance, behaviour. I do this through... more

How did you use the learning from this/these module(s) (briefly describe the learning context, with a focus on The Digital Teacher)

I decided to maximise the value of my 1 to 1 time with the learners. Due to the time allocated in tutorials and my level of students, most only get 15minutes per 1 to 1. This is taken up by asking the same questions and not having time to delve into the areas of real need, and not being able to give strong quality of support. I was able employ Flipped Learning, and blend the approach but using... more

How did you adapt/modify activities and/or resources for your context providing alternative approaches with specific reference to The Digital Teacher practices?

I took the typical questions we normally ask, and created a Microsoft form. The questions would cover the course, BAKS, wellbeing, progression, and English and Maths. There is also opportunity for the learner to reflect on their own performance and state what they feel they do well and what needs to be better, or something they aren't sure on. This enabled me to focus my 1 to 1s solely on... more

Provide any examples of any new approaches tested out.

Microsoft form, questions asked:

How is the course going currently? Please provide an overview of what you are currently working on. If you have multiple units, please give an overview of each.
What assignments/assessments are you currently working on? Please state any upcoming exams you may have.
Do you have any outstanding assignments? If yes, please list them.more

What worked well, or did not work so well? How would you approach the activity/use the resource differently next time?

It went far better than planned, with two thirds stating it should be used moving forward, and one third saying it should be an option. No one said it should not be used. Two thirds also stated that it enabled them to talk about what they felt was important.

I had given the same form to all Levels, to enable me to reflect and assess what works best with each level. I initially... more

How did the learning from the module(s) impact on the quality of the learning experience?

Using feedback from the Learners, we established that two thirds agreed the quality was better, and one third said it was about the same. To identify if this was due to the quality being poor initially, we asked the Learners if there was anything they felt could be improved. No further actions were given and all seemed happy. Students rated the 1:1s that took place with the form as 4.73 Average... more

How have you initiated strategic change/quality improvement in relation to The Digital Teacher, eg at a peer, department, organisational, regional, national level)?

I shared my form with colleagues, to see if it held the same value across departments. I am also delivering it to our team as a potential option moving forward. This is in line with the EIF having changed, but also from our own reflective practice, seeing what needs to change to keep up with the needs of our learners and industry.
I am hoping it will result in a permanent change to our... more

What will be your next step in bringing about further change?

I have a meeting with the Teaching, Learning and Quality Team next week, specifically to look at the effectiveness of our current systems and what does or does not work. I am pleased to be able to share some great practice and feedback with them, to enable us to make greater informed decisions moving forward.

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