Improved remote working

Karen Julier
19th March 2021

This reflection was contributed as a submission for a 2 Star Badge in Connected and Effective (Leading)

Give a brief description of your work context and responsibilities, e.g. your teaching background, experience, type of organisation (e.g. FE college, ACL), subject/curriculum you teach/lead, your learners (skills level, any particular inclusion needs, age range of group, size of group)

Work based learning, apprenticeships and short course delivery. Worked in various sectors as a tutor, then into the quality IQA team and then into teaching and learning. Currently working on leadership and teaching qualifications. This is tutor support and development as well as the impact of this on the learner journey.

How did you use the learning from this/these module(s) (briefly describe the learning context, with a focus on Connected and Effective)

I am often caught up in the situation of not knowing when to stop while working at home and this resonated with me and how I often feel before and after working hours. I have already making daily lists of priorities and not feeling the need to do everything. I book out time in a separate paper diary for me time to balance out the 4 areas referenced to learner / colleague/admin/me. It is not as... more

How did you adapt/modify activities and/or resources for your context providing alternative approaches with specific reference to Connected and Effective practices?

I have written new schemes of work to fully reflect on remote and online delivery which gives each tutor a specific focus rather than just tweaking the original classroom or face to face SOW. I have delivered this and it worked really well, I have reflected on this session and will continue to review this until it has all the elements I feel are required. This was more effective for the... more

Provide any examples of any new approaches tested out.

I used more learner led delivery and peer assessment for learning. This helped with engagement and gave a social aspect to the session. This helps the learners with a sense of belonging in a group and not feeling like they are just behind a laptop. In terms of workload prioritising they shared ideas and best practice with learning at home and set goals and times with how much to do each day.

What worked well, or did not work so well? How would you approach the activity/use the resource differently next time?

I want to add more engagement to make this more effective. I am going to add some video links to the powerpoint which adds a different learning style. I didn't set clear enough targets and time frames I feel to really encourage the learners to balance their workload, time and learning.

How did the learning from the module(s) impact on the quality of the learning experience?

This really made me consider learner wellbeing and the time it takes for their coursework they need to do in their own time. By changing the scheme of work and the structure I hope to see a better an impact with assessment workbooks and learning.

How have you initiated strategic change/quality improvement in relation to Connected and Effective, eg at a peer, department, organisational, regional, national level)?

I have initiated a wellbeing Wednesday a few months ago to support all staff and tutors to give them 'me' time to help with both their workload and Wellbeing. From completing this learning and really considering Workload and Wellbeing, I would now like to take this further and have separate sessions with set topics such as introducing Wellbeing sites and influencers, ask tutors to do... more

What will be your next step in bringing about further change?

As mentioned above. I also want to look at structure of daily tasks especially with certain job roles

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