Using Class NoteBook for L5

Sarah Hudson-Tyler
19th March 2021

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Give a brief description of your work context and responsibilities, e.g. your teaching background, experience, type of organisation (e.g. FE college, ACL), subject/curriculum you teach/lead, your learners (skills level, any particular inclusion needs, age range of group, size of group)

I work as a Teaching and Learning Advisor and am currently teaching the L5 Diploma in Education and Training to 10 colleagues. I started teaching 18 years ago in an FE college where I progressed to lead the commercial and apprenticeship division in the department. I have been working in quality and compliance for just over five years.

How did you use the learning from this module in your teaching context?

I have used Class Notebook to have a platform that can hold course information but mainly for learners to show evidence of their learning and for me to be able to make regular contact with learners outside of session time.
I have since set up another Class Notebook, for the ETF project. I have added Martyn and myself as the mentors and Amanda and John as our mentees. I have added... more

What worked well?

I think using Class Notebook has worked well as I have spent the time to research and understand how to use it. I have invested heavily in the tool and am motivated to use it to its full potential. All learners on my DET course are using Class Notebook well, some more than others but that is to be expected. I like that my learners are posting in-between sessions when they are not sure on work... more

What would you do differently next time?

We did notice that it is more difficult to use Class Notebook to keep a log of teaching hours. You need to amend a document and then re-upload it, this was identified by my learners so this was good learning for me too. I think it would be best for me to try out everything first that I would like my learners to do on Class Notebook. This will give me the opportunity to find out what works well... more

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