Reflection for 2 Star Badge - Accessibility (Leading)

Sally Betts
19th March 2020 (edited on 19th March 2020)

This reflection was contributed as a submission for a 2 Star Badge in Accessibility (Leading) by Sally Betts

Give a brief description of your work context and responsibilities, e.g. your teaching background, experience, type of organisation (e.g. FE college, ACL), subject/curriculum you teach/lead, your learners (skills level, any particular inclusion needs, age range of group, size of group)

My background is teaching basic skills, but I know deliver training and mentor staff in the use of technologies in teaching, learning and assessment. I deliver sessions to teachers, their digital technology skills levels vary, as does the size of the groups I deliver to. As with any learner group there will be learners with inclusion needs and some of these will be hidden or not disclosed when... more

How did you use the learning from this/these module(s) (briefly describe the learning context, with a focus on Accessibility)

I reviewed a website for an organisation I work with. I used the Nibbler tool, which was new to me, as a starting point to see what sort of results this would give and its suggestions for improvement. It was good to see that the organisation's site was in a reasonably good place to start with, although there were a few things: some images didn't have associated Alt text and there were... more

How did you adapt/modify activities and/or resources for your context providing alternative approaches with specific reference to Accessibility practices?

In addition to the website I looked at the organisation's VLE content for one curriculum area. I realised that there was a training need on how to make and check that their Word/PDF documents were accessible. I designed a session for staff teaching in this curriculum area to cover the why (accessibility, legislation, benefits for all) and how. I modified the delivery method I have used... more

Provide any examples of any new approaches tested out.

Instead of using a 'demonstration and do' approach used previously, I decided to encourage self-learning and discussion by asking the staff to work in pairs, each pair taking different Word resources from their VLE. The only instruction I gave was how to open the Accessibility Checker and to use the results to help them improve the resource. Each pair then worked through their results... more

What worked well, or did not work so well? How would you approach the activity/use the resource differently next time?

Learning by doing for themselves but with the element of peer support (doing in pairs) worked. I could hear from their conversations that there was uncertainty on what to do from both people in many of the pairs and so they used the Additional information links to increase their knowledge. Using the session to make accessibility changes there and then rather than using a resource I took in for... more

How did the learning from the module(s) impact on the quality of the learning experience?

The module made me consider how I delivered the session. I wanted it to be a practical, enjoyable session that helped the teachers to make small changes to their current practice that would benefit some of their learners but to also get them thinking about their future resources and alternative formats for some of them.

Because of the module, during the discussion at the end, I... more

How have you initiated strategic change/quality improvement in relation to Accessibility, eg at a peer, department, organisational, regional, national level)?

I highlighted that the users of the site and VLE would benefit from an accessibility statement and explained what this needed to contain. I hope I have given teaching staff the confidence to ask for managerial support in implementing change for some of their learning resources.

What will be your next step in bringing about further change?

I will check on progress in six weeks time.

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