How To Microsoft Teams

Fionna Mortimer
13th March 2021

The EKC IntoWork business unit had to move to online learning for all their courses due to the Covid lockdown. As a college we use the Microsoft 365 system therefore all registered learners had access to the full Microsoft suite which meant that lessons could be via Teams. The issue was that many of the learners were not used to this software so needed an instruction manual to be able to use for the first time. This had to be emailed and the staff then had to use email or telephone to get them on the online platform for their lessons. One of the staff devised a help sheet which was expanded and then adopted by the whole of the business unit. The time wasted on setting up was too much so something needed to be devised to reduce the issues.

Targeted Audience

The resource was for staff to use with their learners who due to Covid had to move to online learning. It was created for learners but also contained information for staff.

Resource effectiveness in solving the identified problem

The resource was used by all staff and most of the learners as it was a clear guidance sheet on how to use the tools needed to have a professional online relationship between staff and learners. It facilitated the adoption of suitable practices to support learners using the Teams online system to work remotely – and do so effectively rather than spend all the time setting up the systems which was a constant issue with the new learners. The added benefit was the improvement of the staff’s ability to use the system and therefore improve the learning experience. The staff used their time and the basics set out in the guide to set up appropriate learning activities in digital environments and identify those who need guidance. They were able to intervene with specific learners as necessary. Their confidence in experimenting and developing resources to support online lessons improved as the learners had a guide on how to use the system rather than relying on the tutor all the time and then if it did not work well or immediately they just turned off.

Use, impact and benefits seen from learners

The guide was an ideal resource which was timely and appropriate to ensure that the online sessions and assessments were to a professional standard as these are new to the vast majority of staff and learners who were not familiar with or had training towards the online learning platform which is more challenging than face-to-face. However the benefits of learning from home and not having to travel have been embraced by learners who have indicated that had the sessions not been online they may not have completed the courses so this system appears to be something we need to take forward so that we capture the maximum number of learners possible.

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