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Fionna Mortimer
10th March 2021

With the increased emphasis on developing the digital skills of the staff and the learners I needed to ensure that the staff and learners were equipped with the tools and knowledge in order to be able to work in the rapidly shifting world where technology is part of everyday work and life. The teachers of today need to embrace the opportunities that technology can provide. The classroom is almost unrecognisable from those that we experienced. Embedded in equity and inclusion, building staff capacity through professional learning and development is critical to ensure students develop their social and emotional skills and are successfully prepared for the future. I needed to develop a robust CPD action plan which would provide the appropriate digital training for the staff to be able to put digital tools and knowledge into their teaching and assessment. Although important it is only one area of responsibility and therefore in order to manage my own workload effectively, I needed to find suitable resources and implement tracking and monitoring which did not over burden my workload. In the past I would have prepared training days and undertaken a large amount of 1:1 training but this is not feasible, but it was imperative, so I needed a solution.

Targeted Audience

EKC IntoWork Departmental staff. Then hopefully the whole business unit and then the wider college.

Resource effectiveness in solving the identified problem

By utilising the online resources from the Microsoft Innovative Educator and creating a Team OneNote to document and track the courses for each individual staff member it provided the ideal way to move forward in the updating of digital literacy skills and transform the learning environment to benefit from the increased reliance on technology. The Microsoft Education Framework is a holistic and effective programme which provides a marvellous array of self-paced courses which can be agreed between the staff and line manager to provide an individualised set of training. The self-assessment was a brilliant start point where the rubric guided the staff on the areas they should focus on initially. It allowed me to introduce robust CPD without the need to impact severely on my own workload.

Use, impact and benefits seen from learners

Whilst the resource itself has not been used directly with learners the staff have utilised skills and tools from the training they have undertaken and have made radical change to their classrooms and methods of teaching and learning which have been used with their learners. Staff are at different stages of their development therefore classrooms are at different stages of technological transformation but the most successful aspect is that the staff are embracing the programme and taking the initiative to complete appropriate pathways – more than I had set as part of their progress reviews. I can see learners using techniques and tools which I believe are directly due to the learning that has taken place via the Microsoft Innovative Educator on-line learning.

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