Exploring accessibility

Jane Coughlan
10th March 2021

This reflection was contributed as a submission for a 2 Star Badge in Accessibility (Exploring)

Give a brief description of your work context and responsibilities, e.g. your teaching background, experience, type of organisation (e.g. FE college, ACL), subject/curriculum you teach/lead, your learners (skills level, any particular inclusion needs, age range of group, size of group)

I am a part of the Community and Family Learning team for ACL and joined in Jan 2020. I generally teach wellbeing courses to a wide range of learners with varying skill levels, ages and backgrounds.
Previous to this role I worked as a reintegration teacher at a pupil referral unit and in private schools at both primary and secondary level as an LSA

How will you adapt activities in your teaching context to put into practice learning from the module?

I took the PowerPoint presentation for a particularly popular first aid basics workshop and looked at each slide objectively to see if there was any way in which I could make this more engaging for learners. Several of the slides had a high word count so I searched for videos that might take the place of the words to give it an added dimension and alleviate the learners need to do so much... more

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