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Posted: 09/12/21
Kerry Shay

The Benefits of the Digital Teacher

This reflection was contributed as a submission for a 2 Star Badge in The Digital Teacher (Exploring)
Comment by Rachel Geller left 18 Wks ago
Hi, I really appreciate this information but I also need to add how it could be more effective and reach more people.
1) The video screen that says launch, (and you have to click on that word, not the whole screen) is most vague that it is actually the learning module. There could be an arrow showing you where to click to watch the video. Or have some sort of frame around it, with, say a youtube symbol, so one realises that this is in fact a clickable link.
2) this screen I'm commenting on doesn't have access to the video. Shame. How can I reference what I just learnt if it's not on the same page as I'm typing on. It feels crazy making.
3) I literally can't see the whole set of videos (or modules or pathways). It makes no sense to me. If I'd like to explore a certain set of activities, I can't find them, until I happen to chance upon them. There is no clear map of the site.
4) I know you are real people trying your best so I don't want to sound critical, but I think you would also be grateful to get this honest and well intended feedback, so your wisdom and teachings could better be spread.
5) I can actually find lots of details about digital teaching online - I'm more searching for support in a) regular teaching - having the kids calm. I'm an actress by definition and my energy is infectious, but not so suited to calm working. I'm looking for someone to teach me these skills. How to present a very calm and present energy. I've tried dropping my voice and my shoulders and stance but it's never quite enough. Do you only teach digital skills?
6) How to integrate the digital teaching into classroom flow, that's what's also important to me. How to get learners to stay focused and not be doing other stuff on their computers? I'm speaking of teenage learners. Computers can be as much a distraction as a learning tool. Without being overly controlling, how does one manage this balance?
Many thanks.

yeah - and I'm inspired, to keep making resources that are digital and relevant for the learners, and clearly marked what they are, and how they fit into the syllabus and what exactly learners are supposed to do on each slide, because, as above, it's so often just not obvious from the learner's perspective!! thanks for the inspiration.
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