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16/03/2021 by Liz Wallis
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Our latest series of webinars

Connected and Effective: Delivering great remote learning

A series of 4 webinars by the authors of the Enhance EdTech modules looking at how to get the most out of remote delivery for your learners.

Separate webinars cover pedagogy and remote learning; preparation and groundwork for a session; learner engagement and progress; session quality and learner performance.

The presenters take a practical approach to mastering the real life challenges that remote learning poses for teachers and learners alike, exploring established good practice and the findings of recent experience in the sector. Click on the titles below to book your place.

16 March, 12:30 - 13:30 Good pedagogy - great EdTech

This webinar examines the contribution of current pedagogical thinking to the design and delivery of effective remote learning. A scenario-based approach is used to explore practical ways in which an understanding of instructional theory, cognitive theory, and metacognition can improve the use and impact of EdTech and ancillary activities in remote learning.

19 March, 12:30 - 13:30 Preparing for remote learning

This scenario-based approach explores practical ways to prepare yourself and your learners for success when moving teaching, learning and assessment from the classroom to remote learning. It touches on issues such as digital skills, session design, collaboration, confidence, wellbeing and workload.

23 March, 12:30 - 13:30 Maintaining engagement and ensuring progress

This webinar applies the insights of current pedagogical thinking and recent sector experience, blending theory and practice in a scenario-based approach to explore the challenges and opportunities for engaging learners during extended periods of remote learning and creating and sustaining momentum.

26 March, 12:30 - 13:30 Achieving your goals with remote learning: quality and performance in practice

This webinar explores practical definitions of the quality of teaching, learning and assessment in the context of remote learning. A scenario-based approach explores practical definitions of the quality of teaching, learning and assessment in the context of remote learning. It examines the challenges and possibilities for getting the best out of EdTech to deliver great learning experiences and outcomes, and how to be sure you've achieved your goals.


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