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23/12/2021 by Liz Wallis
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Understanding the importance of Essential Digital Skills (EDS) and how the digital world is changing our personal and professional lives is vital for our learners.

DigiVille is a scenario game that acts as an introduction to EDS, aiming to illustrate why EDS is important and the types of situations when learners will need to apply their digital skills in life and work.

You can play our Digiville game here.

Now we are also piloting DigiVille Refresh

New technology and applications are being developed all the time, so your Essential Digital Skills (EDS) must be to be kept up to date.

DigiVille Refresh will act as a refresher assessment for your EDS badge - the badge you receive when you have completed the quiz assessments for the 20 EDS online training modules here on the Enhance Digital Teaching Platform - so that you can show you are refreshing your EDS skills. It offers two scenarios to play through - DigiWork and DigiLife.

We have launched a pilot version of this Refresher game, open to everyone with an EDS course badge - and we would love to hear your thoughts and feedback.

The pilot will close on 10 February 2021 and all feedback will be used to inform developments to the game and to add more scenarios to offer a wider representation of the sector.

You can launch DigiVille Refresh by selecting PLAY THE GAME. Your feedback is really important to us and will be used to develop the pilot version. Once you have played the game, please provide us with your feedback here.


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