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19/12/2021 by Liz Wallis
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Access our free webinar recordings at your leisure...

We know it can be difficult to find time to attend CPD sessions at the moment, so we have made a number of key webinars in our Essential Digital Skills series available as recordings that you can view at a time and in a place to suit you. Topics include the basics like:

Understanding Essential Digital Skills

Awarding Organisation briefing on Essential Digital Skills

Developing and delivering EDS courses - case studies

There are also practical 'How to Teach Essential Digital Skills' sessions on specific aspects of teaching digital skills mapped to the national standards. These are particularly helpful if you are teaching digital skills and are not an ICT specialist, but they can also give some fresh ideas however experienced you may be. For example:

How to help your learners identify and solve technical problems

How to help your learners use online services safely and well

How to teach digital skills in an inclusive way

Awesome audio - how to help your learners capture and use sound

How to teach buying online



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