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26/10/2021 by Liz Wallis
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Why I want to help teachers deliver EDS

In #GetOnlineWeek 2021, Sally Betts from Ideas4Learning, who teaches on the ETF's Essential Digital Skills CPD Programme, wrote a blog about what motivates her to want to help teachers and trainers delivering EDS courses. Here is a snippet but you can read the full article by following the link below:

The Get Online Campaign is based on the view that everyone deserves the opportunity to safely participate in our digital world and no one should be left behind. Sadly, the Lloyds Essential Digital Skills report published in September of this year shows that many are still being left behind... 

This is undoubtedly where the FE and Training sector can make a real difference, especially now that there is a digital entitlement for 16-19-year-olds and adults aged 19+. It has been encouraging to see so many providers looking to set up Essential Digital Skills courses, but it needs teachers and trainers who can deliver and there are aspects of the Essential Digital Skills standards that are hard to teach - even for ICT specialists. We also know from many colleagues charged with organising EDS provision that it can be challenging to find staff in a position to teach the courses, especially where EDS is being embedded in existing provision. Ideally teachers on those courses would also cover EDS curriculum but may lack the digital skills and confidence to do so.

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