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23/07/2021 by Liz Wallis
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Read the first in our series of EdTech Reflective Explorations

Earlier this year, the team at Hertfordshire Adult Family Learning Service (HAFLS) took part in one of six EdTech Reflective Exploration projects funded by the Education and Training Foundation (ETF) to help practitioners develop their digital skills by engaging with the resources and communities of practice on the Enhance Digital Teaching Platform.

The project funded remission time for three members of staff to engage in the project:

  • John Mensah, Advanced Practitioner
  • Evelyn Djan, Curriculum Innovations Team Leader
  • Maria Zahariea, English, Maths & ESOL Teacher

The three participants were supported by ETF EdTech Mentor Sally Betts.

John Mensah,, the Project Lead, comments on the impact of the project:

"The main impact has been seen in achieving a higher degree of reflection in teachers' everyday practice at HAFLS. The practitioners became more aware of their role as change agents for the digital agenda, they had meaningful professional discussions about their influence on increasing learners' confidence to use new digital technologies and they focused on the quality of the resources and the learner engagement in online delivery."

Read the full story here.

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